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Oct 7
I don't believe there is any doubt left in anyone's mind of the extra value you get over cable TV (yes even digital) when you subscribe to Satellite after you get a cable bill charging $45.00 dollars for 70 some non premium basic channels. They even charge for the over the air free advertiser supported local broadcast tier and then they don't give you all that you are capable of receiving, only about half in my area. You see I live halfway between two City's that have different ...
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Oct 6

The Origins of Basketball.

iconOctober 6th, 2015

The origins of the game of basketball can be traced back to a gentleman by the name of Dr. James Naismith. In 1861, Naismith was born in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. During his early school days, Naismith would play a game called duck on a rock whereby the child would endeavor to knock the duck off the top of the rock with a toss of another rock. Later on, Naismith would go on to McGill University in Montreal and would later become McGill University’s Athletic Director. He would subsequently ...
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Oct 5
Most children first learn to crawl, then walk, and finally to run. Basketball requires players to not only effectively move their feet, but also to maneuver a basketball. Basketball players first learn to dribble the basketball with one hand, then to alternate hands, and progressively to increase to more advanced dribbling. As a basketball player, a powerful and effective way to keep defenders on their toes and increase your threat as an offensive player is to develop an agile and ...
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Oct 4
Do you have a child's party event around the corner? If not, perhaps you will be attending a kid's birthday party soon. Since you are so happy to be attending or hosting a child's party soon, do you have surprise in mind? You should not think about a great party fun idea any longer, since my little pony cake is it. Your friends' kids and yours are likely to have lots of fun playing with the pony figures.   The best figure to try is My Little Pony Ponyville. It comes with roller skate party ...
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Oct 3

Workout Using Roller Skates

iconOctober 3rd, 2015

Roller skating became very popular during the 1970's. It's still a great way to get in shape and have fun too.There are benefits:Skating works every major muscle group on the bodyGreat for your core stability and cardioSkating moderately will burn 330 caloriesUnder the vigorous training of the Lilac City Roller Girls, your body will burn 600 calories in one hour (that's more than 1 hour running or biking)What will it take for you to join the roller girls?Obviously, you need the proper ...
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Oct 2
Are you all caught up in the Olympics for the last week and a half? If so, you aren't alone. Did you know there are lessons to be learned for your own business, when you watch the events? Businesses are doing great with an association to the Olympics - and you can use the same tactics as the businesses and as the athletes - to boost your sales. Business branding has come a long way - the Olympics have allowed a good avenue for companies to showcase their products. For some, the insertion of ...
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Oct 1
US skating champ Brian Boitano embarks on a new career as he hosts a fortchcoming cooking show entitled "What Would Brian Boitano Make?". Boitano shares that opening a restaurant is his lifelong dream. But because of his touring and skating competition schedule would not permit him to do so, hosting a cooking show is the closest thing to his dream so far. Boitano rose to worldwide recognition when he won the men’s figure skating title during the Winter Olympics held in Calgary back in 1988. ...
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Sep 30
Cat Like Reflex Training Methods by Mark Sias, It can go with out saying that whatever your sport, improved reaction time & response time a.k.a. reflex speed will be vital. Any & even the slightest improvements in this skill can have astonishing results on your game. Think about it for a moment... even if you could shoot, move, and jump like MJ you'd still be at his mercy if you didn't have his eyes. Meaning react unexpectedly, see defenders before they move, & beat the ...
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Sep 29
Thousands eyes were fixed. Hearts were beating hard against the chests. Emotions was high, expectations was weighting on warrior on football field. This was a article moment for David Bekham. He has to take a direct free kick. Human wall was erected in front of football a few yards away. Opponent and helping hands were scattered around in the D-area hustling and bustling. And whistle went off. Bekham took the kick. It went high in air, cutting it at a very peculiar angle, 46 eyes on the field ...
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Sep 28
Making core skills fun. Improving the core skills is important to player and team. But players, however motivated, will need some new ways of approaching the core skill to add variety to the practices. Here are some different ways of adding an element of fun to handling activities. Variety Practice normal passing and then change to an unusual form of passing before returning to the core pass being examined. For instance when looking at offloads, make the players try one handed back flicks in ...
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