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Feb 7

Football Betting Trends

iconFebruary 7th, 2016

Will the football betting trends for the Super Bowl Participants revert back to the norm or are we looking at a new trend? Until last year, the past 10 years the winners of the Super Bowl are a combined 58-79 ATS for a lousy 42% win ratio following their Super Bowl victory. While the losers of the Super Bowl are even worse the following year at 64-94 for a 41% win ratio. Combined, that is a record of 122-173 ATS for a low 41% win ratio. I mentioned all these figures last year in the Super Bowl ...
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Feb 6
Your choice of roster can make or break your NCAA 09 team. A less accurate team, even if it’s an NCAA Division I team, could still reduce your chances of winning. With NCAA 09 Basketball, EA has focused significantly gathering data from the best NCAA coaches and authorities to provide an accurate gaming experience. As it is, everything boils down to choosing the right members for your team.How to Get Your Team RostersTeam rosters are especially important when you’re playing dynasty mode. ...
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Feb 5

Sports First Aid Kit

iconFebruary 5th, 2016

Do you have an active family? Are your kids involved in soccer or little league? What sports are high on your priority list – running, golf, tennis? American Sports Data, Inc. estimates: - 50.6 million people over the age of 6 exercise frequently, participating in single activities (running, cycling, treadmill) - 39.9 million participate in recreational sports (basketball, tennis, softball) - 15.3 million people are active outdoors (hiking, mountain biking, skiing) - 3.2 million players are ...
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Feb 4
Looking for a place to stay in L.A.? Try Marina del Rey, an ideal choice for a getaway or vacation with its swanky hotels, nearby water recreation and more restaurants in one square mile than even New York City. Marina del Rey also happens to be located just minutes from such popular L.A. tourist areas as Venice Beach and trendy Santa Monica, a kind of nirvana for shoppers who love perusing the upscale boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops while never going further than a couple of blocks from the ...
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Feb 3
Have you ever watched one of those home makeover shows where the ‘crew’ from whatever show it is, takes a seemingly ordinary house or room and makes it into some fantastic dream room that the owner usually is ecstatic about? Al Davis must have watched a few of these shows while his team was sitting home for the playoffs and decided he could do the same for his offense. He followed the same basic premise but spent a little more than the usual show and their ‘crew’ does. The Raiders ...
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Feb 2
england expects Many newspapers accurately pinpoint the powerful public mood on immigration and asylum, yet all are seemingly puzzled as to why New Labour seem hell bent on allowing so many in with so few checks in place, if any at all. It seems palpably clear to me that this is simply so they will all VOTE New Labour, and the Superstate will come further into being on the back of it, as no one will ever be able again in the future to vote it out, if indeed voting is to be allowed in the future ...
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Feb 1
Copyright 2005 Elaine Currie When you are planning an email marketing campaign, there are two important issues to be addressed. The first issue is ensuring that your email marketing campaign gets delivered and the second is persuading the recipients of the email marketing campaign to open the emails and read them. Email Marketing Campaigns - Robots Despite the scare headlines about the death of email marketing, it is alive and well and email marketing campaigns are still fighting a running ...
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Jan 31
b>Writing A Perfect Personal Profile For An UK Online Dating Web Site The personal profile that you post onto an online dating site is the key to attracting and meeting the right person. However writing about yourself can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a blank computer screen. You want to appear confident but not arrogant, independent but caring, adventurous but sensitive and above all someone who on paper represents the true you. It can be very difficult. A good way to start ...
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Jan 30
b>A Picture Paints A Thousand Words When thinking about posting your picture on your chosen online dating UK web site consider the following facts: Guys are 14 times more likely to look at a profile with a photo. Girls are 8.5 times more likely to look at your profile if you have a picture. A recent study showed that members with photos get up to 15 times more attention than those without one. The research is clear, if you accompany your personal profile with a picture or two or three you ...
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Jan 29

Cross-cultural communication

iconJanuary 29th, 2016

Cross cultural communication is made to sound so complex you'd swear it meant dealing with aliens. The entire process is incredibly simple. When you get some of the ‘right’ attitude about dealing with differences, you'll reduce conflict levels, the number of your enemies and find yourself in greater demand on the social front. Communication is all about perceptions and filters. What you and I see and experience is not reality. It's a subjective reality. Meaning we see what we're conditioned ...
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