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Dec 1
Most fans of English football and the Premiership in particular would agree that Manchester United have certainly had their share of 'Highs' in the twelve seasons since the Premiership began .......... and what would be considered a 'Low' by Utd fans (such as finishing third behind Arsenal and Chelsea) would in fact be considered a significant 'High' by most other clubs! Here are what I consider to be some of Manchester United's major highs and lows since the inaugural Premiership season ...
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Nov 30
Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating does and most likely much further. It seems that any time any body has a vehicle with four wheels they need to find a way to make it run on just two wheels for a while. The list of examples can vary from muscle cars to skateboards to quads and motor bikes. Wheelies are not a trick limited to vehicles with more than one tire. The definition of a wheelie has now extended to include things such as snowboards. While a ...
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Nov 29
THE ENCHANTED SELF® teaches you how to access positive states of well being again and again. These positive states are unique to you and often reflect your interests, talents, and potential. I thought it would be fun to finally share with you some activities useful in helping you get in touch with your Enchanted Self. I hope you enjoy them and will let me know how they worked out by writing to me at 1. Relax and let your mind drift backward in time. Give yourself permission to ...
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Nov 28
A modified version of the popular sport, The Dubai Rugby Sevens began with humble origins being played only by a minute number of British expatriates in Dubai. Since that time it has grown to become one of the most important sports in the emirate. Unlike traditional Rugby, Rugby Sevens only has seven players as its name implies, while the matches are shorter than the traditional game. The nature of Rugby Sevens lends itself to a faster pace where the tide of the game can shift easily. As a ...
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Nov 27
Ever since I first wrote about my publishing pitfalls with PublishAmerica, I’ve received a lot of correspondence from writers asking me if they too should avoid publishing with this notorious online POD company. So, in response to yet another letter from an unpublished author, I’ve been motivated to write about the top five reasons why one shouldn’t hand over their manuscript to this Frederick, Maryland based online publisher. Although a person can go to any search engine such as Yahoo ...
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Nov 26
The origins of the Australian Football League (AFL) can be traced back to 1896 when 8 teams decided to split from the Victorian Football Association (VFA) to form the Victorian Football  League (VFL). The VFA had been formed in 1877 but organised Australian Rules Football had been played in Victoria long before that with the first documented game taking place in August 1858 between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar. In 1897 Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Melbourne, St ...
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Nov 25

Growing Optimistically

iconNovember 25th, 2015

Spring is here at last! The season brings with it an opportunity for continued personal growth, stimulated by a sense of life renewing itself around us. We see growth of every kind reflected in our environment in the spring. Tiny seeds and bulbs blossom into colorful arrays of yellow, purple, and pink flowers and plants and the grass becomes green. Suddenly one day we look at the trees and see soft green leaves. Children seem to leap ahead in growth, outgrowing clothing and changing shoe sizes. ...
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Nov 24
Everyone with an interest in English football knows that this season's UK Premiership winners were Arsenal Football Club but how many know how the club started or what it was first called? When it was originally formed in 1886, the club had very humble beginnings as a departmental team at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. Most of the players were workers in a department at the Royal Arsenal called 'Dial Square' and so they decided on an appropriate name for themselves which was 'Dial Square FC'. ...
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Nov 23
Fantasy football is growing more and more popular by the second. It seems like everywhere you look you see another ad for a fantasy football related product or service and everyone is talking about this great game. But what is fantasy football, and more importantly, how do you play? At the most basic level, fantasy football is a statistic-based game. You select real-world NFL players that will make up your fantasy team roster and score points based on how they perform in real-world NFL games. ...
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Nov 22

NBA Basketball Picks

iconNovember 22nd, 2015

NBA Basketball Picks By Ecobika NBA Betting. Detroit Pistons (49-27) at New York Knicks (32-44) 7:35 pm Eastern NBA-TV. SBG Global Opening Line: Pistons - 6, Total 181 The Detroit Pistons will try and improve their top overall record in the Eastern Conference tonight as they travel to New York to take on the Knicks. Detroit is coming off an 87-82 victory over Cleveland on Sunday. The Pistons held LeBron James to 20 points on 5-of-16 shooting. Six Detroit players scored in double figures. SBG ...
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